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Jeremy Stone, August 19 2020

Furnace not Heating? Check these items First!!

Although some furnace problems need to be fixed by an expert, some furnace issues can be fixed with some basic checks first.

1.) Make sure your furnace is getting power

Check your fuse box for any tripped circuit breakers, especially since this could indicate a bigger problem with your electrical system.

2.) Ensure that the furnace power switch is turned on. 

Since furnaces can be tucked into tight, confining spaces or closets, the switch can easily be accidentally turned "Off". Look for the power switch mounted on the side of the furnace. It may also include a liftable metal housing containing a fuse. If the fuse is blackened and burnt, then it will need to be replaced. Most newer furnaces also have a fuse built in on the control board.  However, remember that a blown fuse may also indicate a bigger system problem, so the system should be inspected by a licensed technician.

3.) Check your thermostat settings

Make certain your thermostat has been set to "heat" and that it is set to a temperature high enough for the furnace to come on. While that sounds evident, it's a small detail that is easily forgotten by a worried homeowner. 

4.) Check thermostat batteries

Most programmable thermostats feature a flashing "low battery" icon on their control screen. If you see a "low battery" warning, promptly replace the batteries with new ones.

5.) Check your furnace filter

If your furnace fires up, and the air flow is not as good as it should be, then check your filter first. Depending on the type of filter your system uses, will depend on the life of the filter. Most cheap filters are recommended to be changed every 30 days. You can also have 3 month, 6 month and annual filters. Although these filters have recommend life they should be checked regularly. These longer lasting filters should only be used if your system is designed to handle them, for they can restrict air flow while new.

If you have tried everything and your furnace still does not operate,  call Sterling for a licensed technician to diagnose your furnace. Newer heating equipment is far mare advanced than older models so you need expert advice.  The best way to keep your furnace staying efficient and reliable is to have it inspected once per year. Most companies like to service your equipment twice a year, but is unnecessary. Those tactics could cost you more in the long run. When your equipment is being serviced twice a year, the technician only looks at one component. (Example) If you just service the air and your furnace breaks down you have no air. But since the air was only cleaned and checked, you will still have a service call and repair on your furnace. Everything can be checked and evaluated once a year which will save you time and money.

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Written by

Jeremy Stone